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Michael Foster is a professional “mouth actor” and improviser living in Kansas City, Missouri - USA.


Foster brings an upbeat and bright voice to commercial, audiobook, corporate, Elearning, and explainer video narration.  An experienced improviser and stage performer, Michael tells your message with intention and emotion. He is the perfect choice for big or comedic characters and the relatable guy-next-door. His work as a trained actor makes any directed session efficient and collaborative.


You can direct Michael from his home studio using platforms like Source Connect, IpDTL, phone patch, and Skype.


Self-direction and audio proofing / editing / mastering also available.


What are Clients saying?

“When we cast Michael, we got more than we bargained for. His enthusiasm was great, and he really brought the character to life.”

-Rachael Redler, JNA Advertising


"Michael was very professional and extremely easy to work with. His voice fit our video perfectly and he was flexible and prompt about making requested revisions.”

- Jessica Bettoni,  Indikon Media


"I want people to feel what they’ve done for our community through their generosity, not just see it in words. And I think Michael’s voice conveys all of that sentiment.” - Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City


"Not only does Mike have incredible skills as a voice actor, he was flexible, patient, and produced a high quality audiobook that I know my readers will love. Can’t wait to work with him again!" - Tom Sadira, HIFI Press


"Michael, it has been a pleasure to work with you. I feel you hit the right tone for our video and believe that your contribution to our project has taken it to a higher level." -William Howell, Roma Learning to Fly



Mic: Sennheiser 416 / Shure SM7B

Space: Treated Home Studio

Interface: Presonus Studio 6|8

DAW: Studio One Artist

Mastering: Izotope RX

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Michael Foster | Mouth Actor 

Kansas City, MO - USA